Inheritance Tracing Agency
Inheritance Tracing Agency was created to provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that your financial legacies are not lost due to simple human error, passage of time, re-locations, buyouts, natural disaster, or lack of communication. "Your Wealth F... more

RS Cooling
Air-conditioning and Refrigeration needs (home and industrial).... more

Orujaveze Solar
We specialize in renewable energy supplies: Solar Home Systems, Solar Water Heating Systems, Solar Streetlights and walkways, Renewable Energy consultancy, Power usage reduction techniques in homes... more

Office and Mailing Automation
Office and Mailing Automation is a Mailing House; Repair and sale of paper handling equipment. Repair and sale of money handling equipment.... more

Johan Jooste Photography
Johan Jooste Photography provides a professional service in photography in all fields throughout Namibia.These include, corporate functions, assignments, interiors, staff, weddings, photo tours, photo library, studio.... more